Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Bake Sale – 16th March 2015

So last Thursday (12th March) the group got the devastating news that we would not be shortlisted for our application for the Magnusson award. The award would not have alleviated all of our money struggles with the project but would have helped a great deal. It was especially hard news for Corrinne as she had spent the most time and effort on the application (and for that we thank her for her efforts). 

After finding out this news there were a few ‘freak outs’, mostly from me (Rachael). Would I be able to afford this? Could I juggle working a lot in order to save, on top of my uni work? But with support from friends, family and each other we have all decided to carry on with the project. We aim to fund raise as much as possible and then pay for the rest ourselves.

 Our first big fundraiser was a Bake Sale on Monday 16th March in the Students Association at GCU.

 Eve and I headed this fundraiser, spending all of our weekend either working or icing cakes!

I have to give a huge thank you to my mum, wee Kay, as without her there is no way I could have contributed to the Bake Sale! She spent all of her Mother's Day in an apron stirring, measuring and decorating the cakes, cookies and tablet she made! Another thank you has to go out to Eve's auntie Claire who worked in a team with Eve to make some of the best chocolate muffins, crispy cakes and malteser cake I’ve ever seen.

We sold every cake made and managed to raise an amazing £240.94

We would like to thank all of the students and staff who bought our cakes and helped make the Bake Sale a success. It was a boost in morale for all of us and we are now looking forward to our Pub Quiz on Wednesday 18th March in Walkabout at 8pm!


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