Friday, 24 April 2015

Highland Fling today!

Hello folks, sorry it's been a while but the team have been busy organising pub quizzes and baking cakes, and studying for exams and getting ill (me, mostly.  Must be a proper blog, we're beginning posts with apologies and excuses)

So, today is the day of the Highland Fling and I'll be running it along with four of my fellow Harriers in the picture above (taken at the summit of the West Highland Way route on Conic Hill).

No full fling for me this year sadly, the niggling in my leg (posterior tibialis inflamed through over use) wasn't clearing up after about 6 weeks of rest and it was too much time off to get fit for the full thing. 

So instead I'm part of the relay team, and because only running 13 miles along the West Highland Way isn't much of a challenge when you were planning on another 40, I decided it'd be more fun if I readjusted my fitness levels so it's still a challenge. (Ie too much time sitting in the library eating chocolate).

Before I go- a Big Happy Birthday to my old band mate and generous supporter Rob McCabe- sorry I had my head in books all week- Happy Birthday and all the best form Team Caley To Malawi!

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