Monday, 18 May 2015

This time next week...

Arms have been jagged, flights are booked, Memos of Understanding have been emailed across thousands of miles and I'm now well versed in the medicinal options for preventing the contraction of Malaria and how to fly to Southern Africa avoiding countries with a risk of Yellow fever (via London and Jo'burg) -6 days to go and it's actually starting to happen!

When we started planning this almost a year ago we knew we'd have to do some fundraising and we decided on a Kickstarter type project where our sponsors get various little rewards in exchange for support.  We've had some extremely generous donations already, but why let them hog all the glory- there's still time to donate today!

Seriously though, today is the last day and your last chance to help us with this project, if you can spare a few pounds, dollars, pesos or yen that would be greatly appreciated, please do so using PayPal via the link below:

Many thanks,
Caley to Malawi Team

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